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Who We Are:

Letters Anthology is a space dedicated to women’s expression and expansion through letter writing. It’s about having a voice – be it loud, soft, forgiving, angry, thankful or humorous – and sharing it, along with some personal experiences and perceptions, in the form of a creative nonfiction letter.

What to do:

Pen a letter to your ex, your lover, your teacher, your anxiety, your bad habits, your body, your younger self, your dog… It really is limited only by your imagination. We’re fans of creativity, diversity and authentic women’s voices. We’re also fans of the old ‘show don’t tell’ rule, wherever possible.

Word Count:

Most letters will fall below 1500 words (less is often best), however there are no strict rules here.

Expect edits (but not many):

While we may edit your work for stylistic or legal purposes, we take great care not to lose your unique voice. We prefer to run any significant edits (beyond minor typos) past you as the author before publishing.

Contributor credits:

If you wish to put your name to a piece, we will link your name to a website or social media page of your choice. No bios or contributor photos, please. You always have the option of contributing anonymously should you choose (just let us know prior to publishing).


The Letters Anthology is a non-profit venture for the purpose of women’s expression and expansion. We work for free ourselves, but once we are rolling in oodles of cash (or even a teeny bit of cash) you’ll get paid before we do.


Contributors will be advised within two weeks of submission whether their letter will be published. We are not able to give individualised feedback on why letters were not chosen for publication.

How to submit:

If you feel aligned with the heart of this project and would like to submit, we’d be thrilled! Make sure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting, and if you have any questions please contact letters[dot]anthology[at]gmail[dot]com

Submission form: