The Letters Anthology is an online anthology engendering women’s expression and expansion. It’s a space for women to connect and share their creativity through real-life experiences in the form of letter writing, often anonymously, with a predominantly female audience.


We currently have two themes for the letters:

Letters to My Ex: This theme requires a depth of storytelling. Writers share not only snippets of their experiences and perceptions in a past relationship, but also pieces of who they are. No emotion is invalid – from forgiving, to loving, to nostalgic, to angry as hell. For some great examples read A Letter to My Ex: Bongs In the Shower and A Letter to My Ex: Dearest Peter

Letters to My Younger Self: These letters can be challenging as they share a piece of the writer and parts of their experiences, rather than just advice. It can be hidden in the white spaces, but the ‘youness’ is what we’re all about. Since this is a brand spankin’ new theme, there are no published examples as yet.
Word Count:

Most letters will fall below 1500 words (less is often best), however occasionally a piece can run up to 2500 words, if the story really calls for it.

Expect edits (but not many):

While we may edit your work for stylistic or legal purposes, we take great care not to lose your unique voice. We prefer to run any significant edits (beyond minor typographical errors) past you as the contributor before publishing.

Contributor credits:

If you wish to put your name to a piece, and we agree that the piece is suitable to be published under your name (considering the sensitivity of the content), then we are happy to link your name to one website or social media page of your choice. No bios or contributor photos, please.

If we believe the letter could be potentially sensitive or inflammatory, we will require it to be published anonymously. In such cases, you will also be required to not identify yourself as the contributor on your personal social media platforms or by any other means. This is because we aren’t here for revenge or retribution – we ask that you not submit your letter here if that’s your intention.

You will always have the option of contributing anonymously should you choose, regardless of the type of content.


The Letters Anthology is a non-profit venture for the purpose of expression and expansion. We do not make money and therefore do not pay contributors.


Contributors will be advised within two weeks of submission whether their letter will be published. We are not able to give individualised feedback on why letters were not chosen for publication.

How to submit:

If you feel aligned with the heart of this project and would like to submit, please do! Paste your submission from a word document and do not type directly into the online submissions box.  Please ensure you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions  prior to submitting, and if you have any questions please contact letters[dot]anthology[at]gmail[dot]com

Submission form: