Letter to My Younger Self: Connection Will Come

By Kate Murdoch

Dear Younger Self,

There’s going to be a time when feeling outside, different and misunderstood won’t concern you. To have your hand pressed on the glass between you and others. Through writing you’ll be able to make sense of it all, to make the feeling coherent and beautiful. Separation will become connection, confusion will morph into clarity. You will know ambiguity: in love, in situations, in yourself. Everyone struggles with the unknown. Some situations remain unclear forever and that’s the essence of suffering. Transience and mysteries, again and again until our heads spin. But to have even a few people who can loosen the knot inside you, untie it, is the most sublime of gifts.

You will know your work is self-acceptance and understanding. Only then can you reach people. Keep open and gentle, even when you feel a hard, jaded shell forming.

Remember the feeling of being judged, of being trapped in a box. Don’t inflict it on others. How can you know their hearts, their experiences, their darkness? There are a multitude of hells existing in everyone’s minds. Make room for them, shower them with kindness.

With love,



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