Letter to My Ex: The Greatest Gift

By an anonymous contributor.

We were so young and the time we spent together felt wild and free. To call a man beautiful seems strange but there was no other way to describe your physical features.  On top of that, you were quiet and mysterious and that excited me.

Spending that much time alone together created the prettiest little girl in the world and although the circumstances weren’t ideal, I was over the moon. Life became sweeter (22 months later) when our handsome boy came into the world. Our family was complete.

The quietness and mystery that attracted me to you in the beginning started to make me feel very alone. I kept reaching out to you but you weren’t capable of making the connection. I was too young and inexperienced to know how to fix us.

I’d rather listen to the silence alone than to be acutely aware of the silence with you sitting beside me. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss your beautiful face.

I longed for more.

I’m sorry we couldn’t pull through.

Our children are all grown up now and I cherish the time when we are all together as one unique and extended family. The loneliness and pain are gone and it’s easy to enjoy moments with you.

Through our pretty little girl and handsome boy, we are bonded forever and please know that when I look at you now, I see our children and they are beautiful.

Thank you for the greatest gift of my life.


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