Letters to My Ex: Anthology #1

The vast majority of the women who have contributed to the Letters to My Ex anthology so far, have embraced the concept right away: it’s about women and connection. The letters are written to an unnamed, often (but not always) male recipient.

Letters to My Ex is about having a voice and celebrating it – be it loud, forgiving, angry, thankful, humorous, or whatever is true for you – and sharing that voice, along with personal perceptions and experiences, with other women.

Writing down our experiences is the best way to start healing old wounds; I really don’t believe any emotions numbed down and trapped inside are ever released.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now explained that deep down below all the emotions we ignore or suppress, lies a deep peace and joy that is at the core of every person. “You need to become fully conscious of your emotions and be able to feel them before you can feel that which lies beyond them.”

This project gathers letters that come straight from an explosion of the heart. They share not only an emotional journey, but also a perceptions and experiences surrounding the journey. A piece of the writer.

There is an original copy of a letter which was thrown from Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, USA in 2015, detailing the death of a relationship via infidelity discovered by text messages and the wonders of Whatsapp.

There’s an epic letter of a relationship constrained by complex religious rules which were adhered to for appearances sake, yet behind the scenes stood a dark, violent contrast.

A woman who has never been published (yet, my gosh – she is a writer) captures a relationship which endured many loving yet often challenging years, before her husband’s slow passing from cancer – a beautiful homage.

And many more.


The Letters Anthology engenders connection and empowerment of women through shared experiences. The current theme (our very first!) is ‘Letters to My Ex’: authentic letters from women worldwide, written to an unnamed lover from the past. The project comes alive in January 2018. Stay tuned!

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